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Golden Lion Consulting is a progressive, integrative process that seeks to help you meet life's demands with authenticity and enthusiasm. Together, we strive to build practical tools that will guide you towards achieving your goals as you build personal excellence.

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Integrative Wellness Consulting

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Personalized Progression Plans

When you commit to your journey of personal wellness, Golden Lion Consulting will guide you every step of the way. Together we will develop a customized progression plan with a structured approach that aims to help you achieve your goals. ​

Our self-development process is not limited to one idea, interpretation or structure, but seeks an integrative and interdisciplinary approach.

Specialized Services

Golden Lion Consulting provides specialized services according to your specific needs.

Specialized Services can be booked individually or they are incorporated as a part of your progression plan.

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Shamanic Integration Consulting

If you are an experienced practitioner or if you are considering participation in spiritual or shamanic alternative therapies, it is important that you consult with a qualified integration specialist. This is especially true if your process involves the use of plant medicines.

Work with an integration specialist as you learn to establish proper energetic boundaries and conditions that allow for the optimization of your personal experience over time.

Ancient Architecture

Discover Human Design

Human Design is a practical synthesis of pre-existing systems such as Astrology and the I-Ching. Human Design draws from ancient wisdom, yet it is very applicable in our modern world. Human Design helps us understand the mechanics of our personality within our environment. 

The application of the Human Design System helps us understand basic archetypal principals within ourselves and the world at large.

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Integrative Energy Balancing

Integrative Energy Balancing consists of a wide range of vibrational therapies such as musical therapy, meditation and mindfulness exercises.


This includes but is not limited to, energetic attunements, cacao and breathwork ceremonies, the use of divination tools, shamanic journeys, kabalistic and esoteric studies, home and energetic clearings, as well as individual or group spiritual ceremonies.

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Anthony Giannini

Cultural Anthropologist

Personal Development Specialist

Integrative Wellness Consultant

Golden Lion Consulting

My name is Anthony Giannini. I received my B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Northern Arizona University. I am an Applied Cultural Anthropologist and my research emphasizes the cultural preservation of wisdom traditions around the world.


Through my experience working in Peru amongst indigenous practitioners of traditional medicine, I find true relevance in the practical and modern application of ancient wisdom as it relates to integrative health and wellness.

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